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Working daily on shaping and pushing forward the best tracking solution for affiliates, agencies, e-commerce and arbitragers. We welcome you in our journey and quest to deliver another one of marketing's next-gen tools.

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Experience & Talent

For more than a decade, the lead team that today works on ClickFlare, has built a name and reputation for themselves in the world of performance-based marketing, with products such as TheOptimizer. Joined by skilled and gifted individuals, the story continues to capture the next innovation to come.

Challenge & Solution

While TheOptimizer is a well-tested and proven tool, there are things that it simply wasn’t designed to do, hence the challenge to create a tracker that would constantly feed it quality data arose. A tracker that would not limit its capability to take the optimization process even further. So the story of ClickFlare begins.

Making ClickFlare Click

ClickFlare in a way is just the culmination and aggregation of the work of wicked smart developers, veteran and experienced media buyers, eccentric designers and other individuals, passionate about what they do and the impact it has.

Test to its Limits and some more!

Like all real good products, ClickFlare shares a lot of traits with the finest. Thanks to the tech used to build and support it, ClickFlare is made to last, perform day after day, track small or tremendously large traffic volumes, accurately gather and present data, execute hundreds of actions simultaneously and do it all over again.