Facebook Integration

Connect your Traffic Source accounts with ClickFlare and automatically get accurate costs for each campaign.

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Track multiple Facebook Ad campaigns.

Facebook campaigns can be tracked and optimized quickly and efficiently with ClickFlare.

  • Facebook Conversion API integration
  • Real-time data updates
  • Cookieless-friendly solution
  • Gain access to detailed analytics and insight into how different audiences are responding to your ad campaigns.
  • Control of the costs of your advertising campaigns: ClickFlare will get the data about ad costs to the reporting with the API integration–updates automatically every 30 minutes.
  • Connect to multiple Facebook ad accounts/Manage multiple campaigns in one place.

Track your customer's progress in real-time.

ClickFlare has developed an integration with Facebook that lets you pass conversions to this source using S2S tracking. ClickFlare first-party data gives you access to accurate tracking of the performance of all of your marketing channels.

Automate your Facebook campaigns with TheOptimizer.

The Optimizer is a unique optimization and automation solution for marketers. The software is designed to help marketers save time by automating the processes that are usually done manually and reducing the cost of campaigns due to increased optimization. Created from the same team, ClickFlare was built to work hand-in-hand with TheOptimizer. It integrates seamlessly to provide unbeatable automation capabilities.

  • Automatic bidding.
  • Automatic start/pause of ads & campaigns
  • Global blacklists/whitelists.
  • Bulk campaign creator, and real-time reporting
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